Meet Heidi Aldridge,
Candle Maker, Mother, and Home Decor Specialist
from Clear Lake, WA

La Vela candles was born in Clearlake, Washington, a northern town of merely 1,000. Heidi Aldridge put her dream to reality hand pouring and designing an all natural, hand family friendly candle. Her La Vela brand has since expanded to included an incredible store front, reed diffusers, scented melts and more. Each candle and melt is made with a soy wax blend, meaning adventurous children can handle them without fear of getting burned, and mom can even use the high quality soy wax as lotion! Each product is hand made with quality and care locally.  Try one of La Vela’s delightful scents today!


PO Box 302, Clearlake WA 98235